NO2ID - Stop ID Cards and the Database State

Put your MP on notice — ID cards lose votes!

The Government have passed the Identity Cards Act 2006, but now it has to introduce the ID scheme in the face of growing public outrage and opposition. It is absolutely vital that every MP is kept aware of the level and depth of concern felt by their constituents about compulsory registration on the National Identity Register and the ID cards scheme. By the time of the next general election (most likely in 2009 or 2010) we need to have sent a clear message to politicians of ALL parties that being in favour of anything apart from the complete abolition of ID cards and the Register, and repeal of the legislation, is politically unsupportable.

With most opposition MPs, you will be 'pushing at an open door'. And do not assume that every Labour MP is necessarily for ID cards —over 30 of them rebelled at various stages of the Bill, and over 80 have expressed serious concerns. Be polite, but keep the pressure up — and please let us know if your MP significantly changes his or her position by sending an e-mail to

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